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DVUC’s Parent Company Featured on Cover of Demolition Magazine

“AN EVOLVING EMPIRE: NDA Member Empire Group has thrived for 60 years by meeting the needs of its customers while maintaining focus on exceptional service.
Six subsidiary companies. More than 200 employees. Over 400 pieces of equipment. Sixty years ago, this might have seem fanciful, but in 2015, it’s the reality of NDA member Empire Group of Reading, Pennsylvania.

Empire Group was founded in 1955 by Harry “Whitey” O’Neill Jr. as Empire Wrecking Co. It provided demolition services to Berks County and the surrounding areas for almost 20 years until, in 1972, Whitey unexpectedly passed away. His 22-year-old son, Harry J. O’Neill III, assumed the role of president, but he quickly realized that running a growing demolition company was no easy feat. Read full article.

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